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Becoming an Ursuline

One of the things Catholics believe is that God calls everyone to a vocation in life. It could be as a married person, a single person, a priest or vowed Brother or Sister. At this time in your life you may be asking yourself the question: to what way of life is God calling me?

Do you think he might be directing you to think about becoming a Sister? Here are some questions you may like to ask yourself:

If your answers are "yes" here's what we suggest you should do:


If you feel God is calling you to make a change in your life the first and most important thing is to pray about the sense you have that God is inviting you to a deeper relationship with him. Be gentle with yourself, but keep praying - when the sun is shining brightly, when the storm is raging and above all when the days seem grey and heavy. Talk to God in your own words sharing with him your hopes, your excitement and also your perplexity, fear and alarm.

Be open to the differing ways he may be calling you and give yourself space to listen. You will probably wish to reflect on the Scriptures; many people find it helpful to pray using the psalms or well-known prayers. At the end of this section you'll find some Scripture passages.

Try to participate in Mass more than once a week. Try meeting and making friends with others who share your faith and values and who can support and help you and give you opportunities to talk over your sense of vocation. We may be able to put you in touch with faith sharing groups in your area.


As well as praying it is important for you to get to know some Ursulines. Maybe you already know one of our Sisters, if so ask to talk things over with her. Maybe there is an Ursuline community near you, in which case why not send an email and a Sister will reply. We can also send you our brochure that will tell you about the formal stages you would go through to become an Ursuline. You will find a list of our emails under contact us on our website.

When you begin to feel more at home with us you will be invited to meet other Ursuline communities, to take part in our prayer and activities and to join us for a weekend. You will also be encouraged to meet other likeminded women who are also seeking to deepen their relationship with God.


Read Scripture, particularly the stories of people trying to figure out how God is calling them and how they can respond. Here are some of those stories:

Imagine yourself in the story. How would you respond? What words is God speaking to you?

For a list of contact emails, please visit the Contact page.