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“My last word to you is that you should live in harmony united together all of one mind and heart.”

St Angela

Community is an important aspect of our lives. We share our lives together; as far as possible eating together, praying together and relaxing together and sharing one another’s burdens. This life together is underpinned by our vows; in Poverty we share our goods and our earnings; in Chastity we share our affection, our friendship and our support of one another; in Obedience we work together on our mission to bring Christ to the world.. Vows however do not change our intrinsic nature and community life has its share of its “will and it won’t moments”, calling for understanding and forgiveness and an ability to take neither ourselves nor other sisters too seriously.

Through community we share a sense of belonging and our work is strengthened as we stand together in a spirit of service. Increasingly as what we do diversifies and the number of sisters engaged in an activity reduces, we feel the need to re-evaluate and modify our style of living. Some sisters now live alone or in two’s, but community still remains an important feature of their lives. We have recently extended our experimental “Cluster” structure so that now we are all grouped in larger regional communities and meet regularly to share our lives together.

We try to make our communities places of hospitality, where friends and family feel at home, and where people who drop in feel at ease. We also share increasingly in the life of our local Street, Town and Parish.