Reflections on St Angela by Sister Ignatius

"Come and see"

Statue of St Angela Merici Today, the feast of St Angela Merici, is especially important this year, as it marks an exciting and challenging venture for the Ursulines of the English Province – the introduction of a new, long- awaited website. Angela, a born teacher and communicator herself, although she never learnt how to write, would surely have approved of this new 21st century information technology tool to help spread her ideas and thinking to a modern generation.

We live in an age when there is an increasing fascination in tracing our roots, to discover our DNA source, as it were, as a person, a family, or country. In our forthcoming series of reflections we hope to show how Ursulines today are still following the road map drawn up by their foundress – 476 years ago! As Sr Sandra Schneider said in a recent talk in the States, in her usual direct and honest way: “We will not look today or in the future as we looked in the past – either in outer appearance or in image, or in numbers, or in lifestyle or in ministry. But we will be what we have been since the 1st century, disciples personally called by Christ to commit ourselves totally to him.”

The above text, like a well-directed arrow, goes straight to the essence of our religious life – it is centred on a call from God and requires a total commitment or response. Just as those who wanted to follow Jesus more closely were told by him to “Come and see” at the beginning of his ministry, so we are inviting you, our website reader, to come to this little corner of the website to see what Angela is telling us – the young and the not-so-young - in today’s modern world.