North Thames

North Thames

Forest Gate Old ConventThere are two communities in this group, Forest Gate in Newham and Desenzano in Ilford. Both have long connections with the areas and were there well before they became London Boroughs. Today these communities live in ordinary streets in inner city multicultural areas.


Ilford is a busy borough – new buildings , noisy streets with bars, restaurants, shops, people of every nationality and race hurrying about. Ilford has mosques, gurdwaras, temples, churches, synagogues – places of prayer amid the busyness. Our house too is a place of prayer in the middle of the town: we offer a peaceful space to those who come as spiritual seekers or as friends. We carry out various ministries, but we recognise that what we do is less important than who we are, so we nurture our community life by praying together, being companions to each other, and sharing our lives.

Forest Gate

Forest Gate is today on the London Tourist trail for its ethnic shops and local market. We are part of London’s diversity and worship alongside the 100+ different nationalities of our parish. Today we are occupied in education, spiritual accompaniment and the well being of our locality. We are involved in our local borough, sharing its daily life and difficulties and its triumphs –hosting the Olympics and the economic development of Stratford and the Thames Estuary. Through our prayer and our style of living we hope to make Christ better known and loved especially in our neighbourhood.

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