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South East Cluster Feature: 'Lourdes'

Priest with Bridget‘Lourdes’ is our Ursuline Nursing Home in Westgate. It was built as a Residential Home in 1985 to look after our Sisters when they needed more care than we were able to give in our Communities. It enabled our Sisters to remain in an Ursuline and Convent environment. Since 1991 it has also become a Registered Nursing home.

We have 15 beds in ‘Lourdes’ –some occupied by Ursulines, some by the local ‘Daughters of Jesus’ Congregation (DJs) who are very supportive of ‘Lourdes’ and some by relatives, friends, ex-teachers from our schools, or anyone (normally only female) who needs a bed – either for respite care, convalescence, or permanently.

Lourdes CrucifixOne Ursuline has a pastoral position in the Home and is helped by three other Ursulines. ‘Lourdes’ has a lovely chapel where anyone may go to pray. A Communion Service is held there when there is no daily Mass in the main chapel. We also have Reconciliation or Healing Services as appropriate. ‘Lourdes’ is only a few yards down the corridor from our Westgate Community of nine Sisters. There is a lot of visiting and input from all our Communities. Visitors are always welcome as they enhance the wellbeing of all in the Home.

We try to make ‘Lourdes’ as homely as possible and enjoy as many celebrations as we can – birthdays, feast-days, Saints’ days, public celebratory days. We also try to keep people in the main stream of life as long as possible ie. not in bed or their rooms all day.

We had a lovely resident cat who adopted us 17 years ago but sadly she has just passed away. We hope soon to find another pet as animals can be very therapeutic. ‘Lourdes’ is a happy place with wonderful caring staff who are invaluable to us.