South East Cluster

There has been an Ursuline community and a school on the present site on Canterbury Road, Westgate, just a short walk from the sea since 1906. In that time there have been developments and changes while at the same time a strong sense of continuity remains.

Westgate-on-SeaWestgate holds a special place in most of our hearts; many of us began our religious life there, our provincialate was there for several years. , and all of us have pleasant memories of conferences or holidays in the spacious grounds with Hatton House, the beautiful chapel and the large lawn and the sea a stone’s throw away.

Today Westgate remains an important hub. We have a large diverse community there providing a sense unity while offering diverse life styles. Some sisters live alone, some in a small community group, while others maintain larger group way of living. “Lourdes” Community for our sick sisters is an attractive purpose built Residential Care Home, right alongside the main community. The sisters who are still active serve in province administration, counselling, visiting the sick and translation work.

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