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South Thames Feature: Stannard Court

The Stannard Court unit of the South Thames cluster came into being at the end of 2008 and was established as a new way of looking at Ursuline life for the active elderly. We are three sisters: Catherine, Campion and Anne. Two of us are in our later 70s and one in her early 80s. We live in independent flats in a retirement complex consisting of 79 one or two-bedroomed apartments; we meet on a regular basis for a shared meal and for prayer. Between us we have an active ministry in our vibrant local parish: RCIA, 1st Communion, reading at Mass or taking communion to the housebound.

Stannard Court

In addition we have maintained previous involvements in spiritual guidance, prison chaplaincy, working with the Jesuit Volunteers and with asylum seekers with the Jesuit Refugee Service, or as a school governor. It is rare that we do not have contact with one or another in the course of each day. The other residents in Stannard Court know that we are "nuns" and we feel valued for what we contribute to the surprisingly communal life which is found here. People look out for and are interested in each other and we are very much included in this network of concern.