Wythenshawe, Idaho,

Ursuline links

In summer 2012 we will have four Service projects: three in England and one in the USA.  Each project is linked in some way with Ursuline Sisters and is helping people in need which fits perfectly with our Serviam motto. 


Ursuline links

We were delighted to tell you that Ursuline Links has crossed the Atlantic! Nine students and an ursuline Sister from New Orleans Ursuline Academy will be coming to London in mid-July to help run a Day Camp for thirty 7-10 year olds.  The children will be from refugee families and our local parish.  We’ll model the activities on those undertaken in Manchester last year.  Being so close to London we have planned a theatre outing and a visit to the National Gallery.

Our American friends will also have an opportunity to visit Ursuline schools and see something our wonderful capital city.  It should be an enriching experience for all. 


With the Olympics on our door-step there are many opportunities for service.  Students from our UK Ursuline schools will be helping the Salvation Army distribute drinking water to the general public around the stadium.  A different group will be helping to run the hospitality centre at St Francis church in Stratford.  A third group of eight students will be assisting with the STOP THE TRAFFIK initiative.  There will be booths set up across London to give information and offer support to anyone abused by prostitution or human slavery.   


Our project in Wythenshawe was so successful last year that we have decided to hold the Day Camp for two weeks this year. Sixty children will have the opportunity to enjoy a week’s activities in and around Wythenshawe.  Twelve students from our UK Ursuline schools will help to run the project.

Along with academic learning the children will be involved in an Olympic sorts in Wythenshawe Park, an outing to Camelot Theme Park .  The two weeks will end with a Family Mass. 


Again this year we’ll be returning to New Orleans to help repair homes damaged by the 2005 hurricane Katrina.   There are many people in the area called The 9th  Ward who still have been unable to return to their homes because they don’t have the funds needed to repair them.  The St Bernard Project was set up to help these people.  For the most part the project relies on the generosity of volunteers; people give their time and talents to make homes habitable. 

We have 7 students from four Ursuline schools and 6 adults going on this project this year.   We’ll be staying with the Ursulines and the Christian Brothers.