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Ursuline links

What is this all about?

Ursuline Links UK is a volunteer programme run by the Ursuline Sisters. It aims to give students and adults opportunities to be of service in the UK and abroad. Ursuline Sisters from the UK and USA are working together to lead these projects.

The programme gives young people the chance to work together for the benefit of others. It allows them to work, pray, relax and have a good time together. It helps them to develop their understanding of how we embody Gospel values in our lives today.

The first project (2010) was in New Orleans, USA helping to repair homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. University students and teachers spent ten days in the city working with other volunteers at the St Bernard Project in the 9th Ward.

In 2011 we spread our wings further and stayed longer. We ran our own Ursuline Day camp for Primary aged children in Wythenshawe (UK), and, in the USA, worked alongside others in schools, food banks and soup kitchens in Idaho and California and sweltered in the heat in New Orleans where we again helped to repair homes.

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For many who have taken part in these projects it has been a life-changing experience. Students, adult helpers and Ursulines have enjoyed working together and reflecting on their experiences. We’ve also learned so much from those we have helped. God has greatly blessed these projects. A few words from the students:

“This trip has helped me to matures in many ways...Being able to serve people less fortunate than me has helped me to understand how people cope in difficult situations and has inspired me to be the same”
“I put the word Serviam into action by trying my hardest at any task I was given. I completed each job with enthusiasm to help others and put them before myself”
“Overall the whole experience was brilliant and I’d love to do it all again”

We keep contact with all the volunteers and hold regular reunions. Our hope is that we will be able to set up “gap year” opportunities with Ursulines across the world.

If you would like to learn more please contact Sr. Kathleen Colmer: ursulinelinksuk@aol.com.