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What we do

What we do

Hear the name “Ursuline” and immediately it conjures up schools. We are proud of our tradition in education and pleased to find it continued in our schools today. Visit our Schools pages you will be impressed to see very successful schools building on the Ursuline tradition.

Over time, and in response to St Angela’s recommendation “that prudent changes should be made as circumstances demand” our thrust has broadened. Today the ministry entrusted to us by the church to be exercised in her name is that of education in its varied forms, for the sake of evangelisation.

Areas of Social Concern

As we have become more directly inserted into the neighbourhoods where we live, local concerns and needs often crowd in on us and we feel drawn to give as much practical help as we can.


Several of our sisters still give valued support in our schools serving as Governors, chaplains, supporting children, or taking an active interest in our schools’ well being.


We are committed to working toward Peace, Justice, And Integrity Of Creation. We try to have a sense of Justice in the face of the challenges we meet in our global world.

Parish Work

Some sisters play a very active role in the life of their local Parish by offering full time or voluntary service

Prayer Ministry

Several sisters have developed an important apostolate in spiritual counselling and accompaniment.

Service of our Communities

Some sisters are engaged in various works to provide services for the community or in the role of local, regional or international government.